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I created an HTML preprocessor that focuses on reducing nonsense tag identifiers and special characters as well as incorporating basic templating, importing and variables. The goal is to have modular HTML without the overhead of frameworks. This is an ongoing project and more features like directives and interpreters for other preprocessors, like SASS, are projected updates.


I created my website demonstrating CSS3 knowledge of flex and grid, modularization, DOM manipulation, and responsive design.


An easier way to interact with <textarea> using common text editor functionality. Input event listeners are managed for you.

Simply call the initializer and configure keyboard shorcuts and thier actions for a given textarea

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A dependency-free, intuitive, multi-command, granular cursor-navigation vscode extension directly from your status bar, with a terminal-like feel.


FT-IDE is a simple, clean browser 'IDE' responsive layout for code snippets. Although it is not a browser IDE, the layout is structured like one to give a native IDE experience to browser users.

You can use this for a single code snippet, or to emulate project templates/snippets.

Fully customizable and includes syntax highlighting

A website specifically made to find visual studio code settings and configurations by keywords, config names, descriptions and related configurations.

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